Top Tips on How to Make a Professional Brochure

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Although brochures are considered to be a traditional promotional tool and in present times, a bevy of new, smart and attractive marketing products has hit the market, the effectiveness of brochures or leaflets in advertising products and spreading brand awareness is still intact. Whether it is for making people aware of a new product or service or advertising about trade shows and exhibitions, a brochure can do the job with élan. So, what is it that makes a leaflet attractive? Tempting aesthetics combined with a professional touch makes a leaflet perfect to draw attention. If you are a designer at a brochure design company, you should remember this point. In case you need some advice regarding how to make a brochure, you must have understood from the title that this blog post deals with this topic.

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Following the below mentioned tips can help you craft a professional yet attractive brochure.

Know the Purpose of your Brochure Design

What I mean to say is you need to be aware of your client’s objectives behind the pamphlet design. Unless and until you know why there is a need for a pamphlet and what is the vision of your client regarding the design, it will not be fruitful to start the design work. So, there should be a meeting between your client and your brochure design company. Listen to their brief, share your inputs and then, go ahead with the design work.

Know your Target Audience

An important part of your discussion with your client should be about the audience for whom the brochure is targeted. Is it college students, housewives or professionals for whom the leaflet is meant? The style of the brochure design entirely depends on this factor. For instance, a playful font is apt for youngsters like school and college students while a formal font will be perfect for office goers and professionals.

Consider the End-Users

When getting started with the design work, always take into account what will be the reaction of the end users when they glance through the leaflet. You are the brochure designer and you have the flexibility and license to apply your creativity for making the brochure design project a super success. But, you cannot divert from the possible response of the niche audience. Remember that the brochure is ultimately for them so, design for them.

Prepare a Brochure Design Checklist

Do this after the discussion with your client and your team. Follow the checklist at each phase of the project.

Conduct Thorough Research

Gather some relevant brochure designs for inspiration and consultation on how to make a brochure. Go through the designs and jot down what should work and what should not. Incorporate these lessons first on your blueprint and then, on the actual layout conveniently.

Install a Good Software Program for Brochure Design

This is one of the most important steps. There are various software programs and each of them has their share of advantages and disadvantages. Analyse the positive and negative points of every program and choose one with which you can work without any difficulty. Do not hesitate to use a program which is perfect, but unknown to you. You can learn how to make a brochure using the software easily on YouTube.

Collect ideas from various templates

Select some stunning brochure design templates to know how to make a brochure with utmost perfection. You must stream unique templates from popular and reputable websites. This needs some in-depth research.

Choose Fonts Wisely Taking into Account the Design Style

Steer clear of using more than three fonts – one for the headline, other for sub-heading and another for the body content. This will be more than enough. Using too many font styles and underlining several sentences will cause a cluttered look and thereby, distract readers from the chief message on the brochure. Likewise, when deciding on the font size, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to maintain uniformity throughout the text. You can increase or decrease the font size wherever in the text you deem fit, but make sure the whole design appears beautiful and comprehensible.

Do not Follow an over-the-top approach

In your pursuit of crafting a professional and eye-catching brochure, you must keep in mind two popular maxims – “less is more” and “beauty is in simplicity”. At first, go through your brochure design checklist and try to implement only those things that are most important to attract attention. If you are messed up with too many ideas, my advice will be to keep your concepts as simple and eloquent as possible. You know what sometimes simple ideas are the winners. If you are confused whether this or that idea will be apt to implement or not, I suggest discussing with your team, ask their feedback on different design ideas and then, take the final call.

Prepare Design Sketches

Place and replace different design elements just to get an idea of the overall look. You may insert one or two extra elements so as to understand whether the design gets enriched or affected with this addition.

Selection of Paper Colour and Size is Important

There are a lot of paper options. Apart from the black and white ones, you can make your choice from various colourful papers depending on the requirements. An out-and-out corporate brochure does not require much bright hues while pamphlet which is intended for advertising jewellery or playthings need vibrant colours. Before you decide on the paper colour, you must make mind regarding the paper size. A4 size is the obvious and ideal choice in most cases. But, you should finalise only after weighing other suitable options.

Choose Good Quality Images

What is a brochure without images? Yes, images are significant in order to make a brochure captivating and look professional. Be careful when using stock images. They should not look like they are stock images.

So, these are a few tips regarding how to make a brochure. These will help you build pretty, professional and perfect brochures. Whether your design will be able to cast a spell and grab the attention of readers depends on your creativity and efficient implementation in accordance with the client’s requirements after all. Be innovative and confident and boost the repute of your brochure design company. Here’s wishing you all the very best!

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