Discover How to Make E Brochure and Its Advantages

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Marketing is the key to make your business popular among the target consumers. There was a time when newspaper ads and billboards were enough to convey your marketing message to the people, but now the times have changed a lot. Traditional marketing tools like printed brochures and leaflets are still useful, but not good enough to reach consumers all over the world. A printed brochure may take weeks to reach the home of a potential buyer and if he is busy that day, then your brochure will get a place in the dustbin, unopened! Internet has changed the way we communicate with our friends and family members. The same thing can be said about seller-buyer communication. If you want to truly reach your target market all over the world, you must go online. Therefore, the time has finally come to invest in e-brochure or digital brochure. There are plenty of online branding solutions providers in the market and they offer e brochure design services at very reasonable rates.
E-brochures or digital brochures are very popular these days due to various reasons. However, we will discuss that later. The first thing you need to learn is how to make e brochure. If you have designed traditional brochures in Photoshop, then you should be familiar with the basic designing rules, but if you have no experience, then you should take help of a professional.

Let’s discover how to make e brochure for online business promotion.

# Choose software: First of all, you need to decide which software you want to use for creating the brochure. The simplest tool that comes to mind is Microsoft Word. Word offers plenty of templates for brochure. If you want to go for publishing software, Microsoft Publisher is a good choice. You can also opt for free DTP tools like Serif PagePlus to make e brochure.

# Select a template: Go through the templates available and select the most suitable one for your project. There is a possibility that you may not find a design that suits your requirement perfectly, but there is no need to feel disheartened. Select the one closest to the concept you have in your mind and do the editing using the tools provided in the software.

# Add text and images: Delete the preloaded text and graphics in the brochure and then insert your promotional content with images to give it a perfect customized look. You can simply select the text using mouse and click on delete button to erase the text. Type your own words wherever necessary. Similarly, if you want to replace an image, select the graphics box, go to “insert” menu and choose “picture”.

# Keep it simple: This is the golden rule of both print and digital design. You must not add too much text or images in the brochure. Make sure that there is enough white space and the text is easily readable. When you make e brochure, remember that nobody likes a cluttered layout. You can consult a professional graphic designer for e brochure design services, if you feel that you need any guidance.

# Save the file: Once the design is complete and you are satisfied with the final result, you can save the brochure in PDF format. There is a reason for selecting the PDF format. Adobe PDF reader is one of the most common software that people install in their computers. Besides, various PDF reader tools are now available for smartphones and tablets. So, whether receivers open your brochure from PC or smartphone, they should face no difficulty to access the content. The latest version of Microsoft Word offers the “save as PDF” facility, but even if you are not using Word, you can take help of any reliable online service to save the file in PDF format.

Since now you have the answer to your question how to make e brochure, it is time to understand its advantages. Read the following points to know why you should invest in a digital brochure today.

# Unlimited distribution: You can send as many copies as you want because once the PDF is created, it can be mailed for free.

# Save your marketing budget: The problem with traditional brochures is that you have to spend for both design as well as printing. When you invest in an e-brochure, you spend only for design. There is no printing cost.

# Reaches the customers: More and more people are using smartphones and tabs to visit websites and read mails. So, when you send a digital brochure, people can open and read it from anywhere. Whether they are sitting inside a bus or enjoying a cup of coffee at home, your message gets delivered and noticed immediately.

# Quick to download and check the products: Suppose you want to promote your furniture store and send someone the brochure, featuring the images of all your products. That person may not need it now, but he can buy a piece next month. Since the PDF comes with the mail as an attachment he can download it later and select the model he prefers. Unlike printed brochure, he can’t throw it away.

# Update it anytime: When your business grows you start selling new products or services and people need to know about the new offerings. Unlike print brochures, you can update the content of an e-brochure anytime. Add or delete images and text to give your customers the latest news about your business. You only need to pay the designer for these modifications.

After reading this article you should have a comprehensive idea about digital brochures and their advantages. Marketing trends change with time and a wise businessman always invest in the latest trend to stay ahead of the competitors. You can still spend time and money for traditional brochure because it is an effective marketing medium, but if you want to attract millions of busy customers who prefer web over print, it is wise to contact an e brochure design services provider for an eye-catching and informative digital brochure.

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7th Nov, 2014

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