The Secrets to Make a Leaflet that Actually Sells

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Though we live in a time when everyone is paying attention to internet marketing, it is important to remember that offline marketing is not dead and still brings a lot of customers to your shop or office. Offline marketing can be done through a number of mediums, but if your budget is short, then investing in best leaflet design is a good idea. It is a very cost effective medium and can be distributed among the target consumers directly.
There is no doubt about the effectiveness of a leaflet, but designing a truly engaging one is a daunting task. There are various elements that need to be considered while creating this unique marketing material because not only it needs to look good on computer, but equally brilliant in print as well. If it looks unprofessional and contains any mistake, your conversion rate, as well as brand image will get affected.

If you have no idea about how to make a leaflet, then read the guidelines mentioned below. You can also take help of a professional graphic designer to get the best leaflet design at reasonable price.

Here is the answer to your question how to make a leaflet.

Gather Knowledge about the Audience: One of the first things that you need to do is gather some knowledge about the target audience. Marketing is like good cooking. You have to prepare your dish according to the guests’ taste. Just like that your design must appeal the target consumers and encourage them to take an action. Think about the gender and age of the target demographic. You also need to pay attention to the things they like and dislike in a marketing material. People tend to overlook any promotional message and thus, it is a must to know the best way to present your message in an eye-catching manner.

Design should Reflect Brand Identity: Hundreds of leaflets are distributed among the guests in business seminars and trade shows. Unfortunately, they don’t have the time to read them all. So, they basically scan the page and get the main points. Now, there are probably some other companies in the market selling the same products or services just like you. Hence, it is important to help customers remember and distinguish your brand.To make a leaflet attractive, use your logo and brand name in bold letters.

The layout should be designed keeping the likes and dislikes of target consumers in mind. For example, if you are targeting 20-30 age group of rich people, then the layout needs to be very modern and sophisticated. If the leaflet folds, then make sure that text and images won’t get lost inside the folds.

Pick colours Intelligently: You may want to use a colour that suits your brand identity, but make sure that the colour is not too dull. Otherwise, you will fail to capture the attention of readers. People generally like bright and colourful leaflets. The easiest way to get best leaflet design is to mix and match colours that suit with your brand image and also offer an exciting look.

High Resolution Images are Essential: When we are talking about how to make a leaflet, how can we forget images? Leaflets are created in computer using graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, but they are intended for printing. Low resolution images often look glossy on screen, but when printed, they lose their visual appeal. Therefore, always use 300 dpi high resolution graphics in the layout. If you resize any image to fit the layout, then don’t stretch or squeeze it too much. Resizing an image can affect its quality and make it blurry.

Have Clear Idea about the Purpose: Why are you designing the leaflet? It is important to know the ultimate goal, so that the layout can be created accordingly. For example, if you want to bring customers to your store, you can write “Visit us today! Limited stocks!” using bold fonts. Similarly, if you want people to visit your site to get admission in your educational institute, highlight the domain name.

Include all the Important Details: The purpose of distributing leaflets is to increase the conversion rate. Therefore, provide customers all the details about your business so that they can contact you anytime. Write down office/shop address, phone number and email address. Don’t use jargons in the leaflet because it will be read by hundreds of people, having different educational background.

Check Spelling and Grammar: Always hire a professional content writer for writing your leaflet content. When you hire a professional the possibility of spelling and grammar mistakes is very less. Still, once you get the content, go through it cautiously to make sure that there are no mistakes at all. People will judge the value of your brand by reading the leaflet and if they find spelling or grammar mistakes, they may simply throw the leaflet in the dustbin.

Consider the Leaflet Size: Leaflets can be printed in different sizes such as A4, A5 and A6. It is your decision which size you want to pick, but make sure that the layout is suitable for the final print size. Consider the bleeding area required by the printer and also include a 3mm safe area around the leaflet border so that when the machine will cut the paper, text or images won’t get chopped off. Contact the printing service provider and enquire if you should add crop marks to make his job simple.

Save in the Right File Format: Flatten all the layers used for leaflet creation and save it in a format that can be read by the printer. Generally, advanced printers can print EPS, PDF and JPEG files. If you save in PDF or EPS format, do not forget to export the fonts as curves or outlines. This is important because if you forget to do this and the font is not installed in the printer’s PC, the font may get replaced.
These are some of the things you should remember while designing your leaflet. In case you feel that you are not ready to go through the hassle, you can always hire a professional graphic design company for best leaflet design.

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