Points To Remember While Designing A Brochure

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Today companies are going the whole hog to find out new means of wooing customers. Arresting website, engaging testimonials, expansive portfolios, free quotes—design firms are never exhausted in their continuous effort to explore new avenues of business. Custom brochure design creation is an addition to this line up. Today business owners use custom brochures as their product gallery and tantalize clients with brief specifications, features, benefits and prices.

But the growing competition in every field has rendered print brochure a not-so-effective medium. Today, business owners are releasing soft copies of brochures filled with high resolution graphics, terrific color combinations, compelling headlines, etc. Brochure is essentially a marketing tool and brochure designers are experimenting with innovative techniques to help the clients realize their business objective. They are even manipulating the way visitors look inside an online brochure.

In order to develop a brochure that successfully brings client for you, a systematic approach in development must be there. The first important thing is to create an aesthetically pleasing layout and it should be followed by a pleasing data arrangement for grabbing attention at the first glance of a visitor. If you are outsourcing your brochure design job, you must be careful about your specification because having an ineffective brochure design equals to having none.

Objective: Having a clear idea about the objective behind the brochure design is very important. You are not the only player in your industry and your competitors are using clever marketing materials and your brochure design constitutes your arsenal. This is why a brochure with details of your qualities and services will not serve any purpose. If it is just about increasing brand awareness, the brochure should focus on your product quality. If it is about increasing sale, sales speech should predominate.

Arresting headlines: Custom brochure design requires some special effects to draw the attention of a visitor and ask for a second glance. When you are releasing an online brochure, it can be taken for granted that you have a number of competitors offering a variant of your service. In that case, you must influence your visitor positively. Arresting headlines in title case, in popular fonts, in an agreeable color will appeal the visual of a brochure. But, if some infamous and unpopular fonts are used, the result can be contrary to the expected. Using upper case in the entire headline can also dull the appearance.

Target audience: It is very necessary to understand your target audience. Cramming the entire brochure with technical details will not make the brochure design interesting. If you have an online ecommerce site and you deal in dresses meant for the younger generation, the design should focus more on structure consisting of small and interesting sentences. But if you deal in bridal make up, focus should be more on giving apt images. That is paying attention to the target audience is very necessary in while creating custom brochure designs.

Promoting company: One of the indispensable elements of a brochure design is a section that promotes the company. A person with a brochure in hand is sure to swipe a page or two to find out about your company. This is why briefing on your company history and providing a few testimonials are very crucial to the success of a custom website design.

A brochure should provide complete information, though in brief, about the organization. It should promote not only your products and services but also a company. It must be complete in information. Structure, content and presentation are of equal importance.

15th Jun, 2011

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