Choose Between Bi-fold and Tri-fold Brochure Designs Carefully

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The choice between bi-fold and tri fold brochure design could be critical depending upon your exact need. Each of these two forms has definitive purposes and it is up to your decision or the decision of your advertiser as to which one should meet your purpose. Brochure is a point of sales material used widely by manufacturers of goods and services across nations and continents. Features of

17th Jun, 2013

Make your Flyers Outstanding

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Flyers are single page marketing materials used for specific promotional purposes such as inauguration of show room, organization of an exhibition, or offering of a stock clearance discount. Flyer design is a specialized activity and involves advanced techniques and innovative thinking. These are point of sales items and need to be created in a manner that they are attractive and striking.

3th Jun, 2013

Some Unpardonable Mistakes Made in Flyer Design

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You must have heard of the phrase, ‘the wise learns from the mistakes of other people.’ This has so much relevance when you talk about designing flyers. This is because some companies make certain seemingly insignificant but unpardonable errors while designing flyers or brochures. If you are in the process of creating one, you should refrain from these mistakes as they can mar the whole

29th May, 2013

Avoiding Mistakes Related to Brochure Design

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  To attract the attention of clients, business houses often make use of effective brochure design. They either hire professional designing companies or have in-house designers to look after the entire designing process. These brochures are used as promotional tools for services and products and are also very cost effective. But while designing, one should always avoid some common mis

21th May, 2013

Important Facts about Logo Design for Reaching Target Audience

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For promoting a brand, companies often use attractive logo designs as these act as a sort of bookmark to a customer’s mental perception list. A suitable symbol always complements various brand attributes and can be a visual shortcut to reach the target audience. Logos are considered to be the face of a business and customers always remember and instantly recognize them when they think abo

13th May, 2013

Effective Brochure Designs are Used as Smart Business Tools

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Effective brochure design is considered as a vital sales lead generating tool for any business. A properly designed flyer always reminds customers about the prospect of a service or product offered by a particular business house. Professional design A brochure which is professionally designed can work wonders for any business. A professionally created flyer conveys important messages rel

7th May, 2013

The Art of Writing Engaging Brochure Content

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Though the role of social media and other online marketing tools for advertising services and products are gaining popularity everyday, one cannot ignore the role of brochures in marketing. Content Designing and choosing content are two of the vital aspects of brochure creation. A brochure designer analyzes the main purpose of these brochures and tries to understand how those should be wr

29th Apr, 2013

Tips for Creating Effective Flyers for Marketing

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  Suitable marketing and advertisement tools can enhance the success rate of a particular business. In order to promote a service or product, businesses use effective flyers as these are considered to be effective visual marketing tools. There are certain tips that one should keep in mind while creating a flyer design. Headline The headline of a flyer is very crucial as this is the

15th Apr, 2013

Tips for Making Effective Pamphlet for Business

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To promote any type of services or products, one can use various types of pamphlets. Most of these pamphlets can be created with the help of professional designers or through professional designer service companies. In both cases, certain tips should be followed during pamphlet design in order to enhance its look and feel so that it is able to achieve its desired end. Target audience Whil

11th Apr, 2013

The Perfect Flyer Design Guide for Newbie Designers

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We may live in a digital age but print ad has not lost its sheen yet. Even today flyers and posters are used for product promotion, event announcement and for various other purposes. While designing a flyer, you have to consider the nature of the product/event its going to promote and the target consumers’ psyche. If you have not designed any event flyer yet, then open Photoshop in your c

1th Apr, 2013
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